SP Korba interacts and motivates children at NTPC Korba’s GEM 2022

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Raipur chhattisgarh VISHESH : Korba, 27th May 2022, Superintendent of Police, Korba Shri Bhoj Ram Patel today interacted with the girl child at NTPC Korba’s ongoing Girl Empowerment Mission 2022.

Also present in the ceremony were Shri PM Jena (Chief General Manager, NTPC Korba), Smt. Rajashree Jena (President, Maitri Mahila Samiti), General Managers of NTPC Korba, Officials of Maitri Mahila Samiti and other senior officials.

After the welcome address, felicitation and cake cutting ceremony, Shri BR Patel, interacted with the girl child participating in GEM 2022 and shared his journey from being a teacher to becoming an IPS Officer. He said: “We must learn to work hard for our own success and focus more on making the most from the opportunities provided to us. The pillars to any person’s success are respecting the educators and working towards ones goals with zeal and enthusiasm. The Girl Child Empowerment Campaign of NTPC is a notable initiative and aims at nurturing the talent of the girl child. I wish these little girls, the best and to make most out of the opportunity provided to them by NTPC Korba”. Shri BR Patel then shared the story of his humble origins from Raigarh and inspired the children with his motivational journey. GEM 2022 activities so far: So far, the girls participating in GEM 2022 at NTPC Korba are receicing regular training on yoga, crafts, dance, academic subjects and performing arts.

About Girl Empowerment Mission: Girl Empowerment Mission (GEM), the flagship CSR initiative of NTPC Ltd in empowering young girls to realise their dreams, has achieved the newer heights of success. NTPC Ltd, India’s largest integrated energy company, has received widespread acclaim for supporting the upliftment of girls with focus on girl children from the villages around NTPC projects. Further, it is planning to conduct its GEM initiative in about 35 project locations during this year. The GEM programme has empowered girls from across the country and made them aware of basic education, health and self-defence. With this initiative, NTPC aims to help these girls break the glass ceiling and dispel the misconception about female foeticide in rural areas. The initiative has created a space for the children to showcase their talents and capabilities. As a responsible corporate, NTPC started the Girl Empowerment Mission back in 2018 and contributed to the empowerment of girls in the vicinity of its project locations. By 2019, the Girl Empowerment Mission benefitted 2,300 girls across 20 project locations. NTPC oversaw the enrolment of girl students between the age of 10-12 years from different locations. The girl students have gotten exposed to not only academics but also yoga, self-defence, fine arts and much more. These girls have imbibed a creative mind set and also learnt the importance of team spirit. GEM ensures that the girl child grows into a well-rounded adult with ample curiosity and quality communication and social skills. Additionally, it motivates the girl child to nurture their creativity, sharpen psychological, social and emotional growth, and makes learning a lively, engaging, and impactful experience. Since its inception, the company has laid focus on creating pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices that have had a permanent sustainable impact on the lives of the people. NTPC will continue to spearhead such initiatives and touch the lives of the marginalised people and ensure that they live their lives with dignity.

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